Mr. Saeed Omar Basaffar (1935 – 2001) the founder was a self-made gentleman and known as a pioneer who has a leading strong personality. He realized the needs for the forthcoming of evolving industrial area which encouraged him to establish a private firm to sell vehicles spare parts including belts. 

Upon the quantum shift of business on 1950 he changed the name of the firm to Belt Store Trading in alignment with the new direction and the new vision of the industrial needs for the Eastern Province. After thriving through a hard work towards success, focusing ahead for a brighter future the Belt Store Trading became one of the prime entities to support the industrial services.

Mr. Salem Basaffar (General Manager) is the eldest son of the late founder of the firm who had joined work beside with his father on 1988.

Mr. Salem Basaffar major contributions is to uplifting the performance of the firm by means of adapting the electronic business solutions for the firm in addition to his ambitious to improve the ways of doing things and update in order to continue the progress and development of Belt Store Trading.

Mr. Mohammed Basaffar is the second and youngest son of the late founder of the firm who joined work on 2003 after acquiring his BS degree in management Information System from University of South Florida, USA.

Mr. Mohammed Basaffar is the Executive Manager who shares the vital visionary orientation to improve the performance of the firm with the his father the Founder and his brother the General Manager in order to achieve a successful setting in the near future for Belt Store Trading.

Belts Store has adapted the new logo and corporate identity of the firm: