Company Profile

We are a profitable firm operating in Saudi Arabia and GCC to provide products and services with high level business standards.

Belts Store Co. has its Headquarter Center in Dammam of the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia.

Belts Store Co. establishes mutually beneficial relationship and product representation with vast range of clients, existing supplies and service providers.

Belts Store Co. is intending to achieve best results in a dynamic, fast moving technology in the field and make sure to provide such products & associated servic
es in collaboration with a number of specialized national and international firms.  All items are imported in collaboration with multinational companies from Germany, Japan, Spain, Taiwan, China, India in which we are representing solely or partially as practice in the trading industries.

Belts Store Co. team is utilizing its past experience in serving the current customers successfully and the goal is to increase the market share in the Saudi market, the GCC countries and other neighboring countries.